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Backpack sockets (slots).[1]

A big component of the MMORPG that - half of that you know acronym is RPG role-playing game. And in order to role-play you need to be able to represent kind of what your character is doing in that world and you know part of what animation is doing is creating these sockets on the let's say the belt or the back that you know can plug in certain types of props or items that are created by the character team, like Carson, you know might be a scroll tube, it might be a potion, it might be whatever: Those players will have the ability as we've discussed in the past will have the ability to select what they want to be represented in those sockets and then animation will make sure that jibe well in movement.[1]Steven Sharif

There are different systems that allow stories to be told in Ashes of Creation.[2]

A MMO lives and breathes on its community and we don't really want to give short shrift to any one of those types. All of them are important: the RPers are important, the people who just want to hang out in the Inn and talk are important, they all add to the game and so we want to make sure that we take care of all of them... You can run a business based on RPing.[6]Jeffrey Bard


Characters will have a first-name and an optional surname (last name).[7]

  • There is a minimum length of three for a character name.[9]
  • Special characters, including apostrophes and hyphens, are currently not allowed in character names.[10]
Currently we don't allow special characters in character names (including apostrophes and/or hyphens). It's possible this changes in the future.[10]Ry Schueller

Character names will appear on the character sheet and optionally on the character website page.[11]

  • In-game a character's name is displayed above their head. This can be the first or last name.[11]


角色名條 會顯示在角色頭上。[11]

  • 名條會顯示角色的名字,也可以選擇同時顯示姓氏。[11]
  • 公會名稱會顯示在角色名稱旁。[12]
  • 角色名條會逐漸消褪,顯示已受傷害量。[13][14][15]
  • 名條上會有標記,顯示角色職業[16]
  • 將鼠標懸停在名條上會顯示不同資訊,例如等級、職業名稱及原型組合。[16]
  • 名條上會有增益標記,顯示角色裝備品質和種類。[16][17][18]


Character sheet


每個角色都將有一個獨自的主頁,玩家將可以隨心所慾設計展示不同資料。這將是遊戲外一個角色扮演的小要素,讓你可以建立角色背景、人格特質之類。[22]Steven Sharif


我們對於角色頁面的願望之一是希望能透過遊戲內的瀏覽器打開頁面,讓玩家可以查閱其他角色的日誌,了解他們的背景歷史,而這些都是玩家自行決定與他人分享與否的。從角色扮演的角度來說,我們希望玩家投入沈浸於自己的角色。[21]Steven Sharif



Players may decorate their player housing and other types of buildings.[25]

  • Houses will be empty when purchased.[26]
    • Players may be able to upgrade to pre-furnished sets when they purchase their home.[27]
    • Pre-furnished sets will be almost entirely visual and aesthetic. Only items crafted by the Carpentry profession will have in-game functionality.[27]
  • Each size, grade, and type of player-owned housing determines the number and type of items that can be placed in it.[28][33][34] For example: You can place only the best furniture in mansion grade in-node housing.[28]
    When it comes to if you put a cosmetic house on top of your normal house, those cosmetics should be similar in size. The shape will change, so maybe the room layout will be different, but it'll still be like a one-story building.[33]Margaret Krohn
  • Characters will be able to interact with furniture items such as sit in chairs and lay in beds.[35]
  • Players will not be able to alter structural aspects such as windows and walls.[27]
  • There may be decor items that are representative of unique weapons that are available in the game.[36]

Quality furniture can be crafted in-game based on the skill of the craftsperson and availability of recipes, components and workbenches suitable to craft them.[28][37]

  • Furnishing items with in-game functionality will be restricted entirely to those created by the Carpentry profession.[27]
Your ability to craft more luxurious furniture comes with how much of a master craftsman you've become in the furnishing profession... This isn't like you know, I want my house to look good, I got to fork over 50 bucks in cosmetics... Players can craft in-game based on their dedication and focus in that aspect the artisan tree.[37]Steven Sharif


社会组织 are ways for players to interact with the world around them in a different manner. They are about creating micro communities within the game.[40]

[[{{{2}}}|⧼{{{2}}}⧽]] (階段 4).[41]

The whole idea of these societies is that they are a mechanism for progression that do not have to rely on your level progression. These are different progression paths that players can participate in. If you don't want to leave a node in your gameplay experience and you want to find as much as you can do within that city, these offer those things. Now, some quests might take you outside of the city to you know hunt and pursue things, but you could also perfectly be a person that is a merchant and purchases them from other travelers instead of having to go do it yourself. We want to offer players a diverse method of progression; and these systems house those benefits.[42]Steven Sharif
Sometimes two organization's goals might not align with each other and there'll be conflict there, but it's not going to be like everybody in the Traders Guild is at war with everybody in the Thieves Guild.[43]Jeffrey Bard
  • Social organizations are run by NPCs, however there will be ranks that certain members can attain that will grant some influence over the organization.[44]

Social animations

There are interactive social animations and emotes.[49]

Some animations will be agreed-upon emotes that you can initiate with other characters.[52]

Q: Can we dance on tables?
A: Technically the tables are in world, so yes...[53]Steven Sharif

There may be emotes associated with mounts and pets, such as petting, hugging, or playing with them.[54]

In alpha one you might have seen some of the anims on the rider of a horse that they went down and patted the side of the neck, or they would pet those; but those would be separate actions that you could potentially do as just additional emotes, but interfaces with a mount or pet that you have active.[54]Steven Sharif


Emoji adds additional flare either for chat or character representation (social animations).[49][52][55]


Ashes of Creation's Lead Composer is Bear McCreary. His music will be unveiled in Alpha-2 and Beta-1.[57][58]

The soundtrack is going to incorporate either elements of intrigue or mystery or horror that's part of winding through that level to get to that boss, it's building up to the crescendo of the fight. Music is such an important part of setting the scene- the emotional presence of what you are doing in this immersive world. It elicits emotional responses. And we have a great composer Bear McCreary who has worked on God of War, Battlestar Galactica, Outlander, Black Sails; a lot of great franchises and great IPs; and I think he is going to do an awesome job in capturing the essence of what that emotional response should be from a player.[59]Steven Sharif
When we put out any music in our game... we want content creators to be able to create content utilizing our game. So just message us and we'll try to resolve any of those [DMCA] problems if you encounter any.[61]Margaret Krohn

Musical instruments

  • Other archetypes may also be able to play certain musical instruments at some future time.[63]
  • Custom music creation (using the likes of the Music Macro Language) will not be present in the game on release.[67]

List of musical instruments


Music within taverns can be set by players.[68]


客厅游戏 (tavern games) are games that are played in player-built taverns or in-node taverns.[69]. Some will be dice games, others will be card games; and some will be less savory.[70]

The idea behind the tavern games is to create another social interface. This is where players that are loving the RP aspect of MMORPGS- they want to walk into a tavern and meet new people and play games.[71]Steven Sharif
  • These games will involve aspects of both chance and skill.[70]
  • They must be played between 2 or more people.[70]
  • Players will be able to wager in-game currency against other players.[70]
    • The developers are considering a secondary currency for tavern games that would enable purchase of cosmetic items through a secondary currency market.[71]
    • There may be a ladder system that contributes to gaining this currency based on placement on the ladder.[71]
    • The alternative is to use the regular currency (gold).[71]
  • A portion of the income from the game goes to the tavern owner or node.[69][70]
  • Parlor games will vary based on the predominant race of a node.[71][70][72]
  • There may be unique games that can be acquired through adventuring in the world.[71]
  • Tavern owners dictate the table cost of parlor games. The node's mayor dictates the tax rate that applies when money exchanges hands.[73][74]
When a player wants to engage in a game, they may sit at a table, and another player may sit down with them. At that point the gameplay layer for the mini game will open in a user interface window. Depending on the type of game.[74]Steven Sharif

客厅游戏 were a Kickstarter stretch goal.[75]

Mobile interface

Companion app (手機應用程式/網頁) 讓玩家不需要登入遊戲,便可以利用特定服務和機制。[76][77] 部分功能將可能於上市後開放。[78]

Specific dates that you can have running as reminders in your guild UI, this will also be something that I would like to be available on the mobile companion app as well. So essentially you can receive notifications via a calendar update on guild events that the leaders or the officers have the ability to pin within the game will also give you notifications on the mobile app as well. That's my intention at least.[82]Steven Sharif

Some of it may come post-launch... but we do want people to interact with the game on their phones when they're away from the computer; and we're going to do as much as we can to make that cool.[78]Jeffrey Bard


Facial adjustments in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[83]

There is a great variation that's going to be available from a character standpoint when creating your character, especially around the face. Whether it be the shape of the jawline, the cheeks, the ears, the nose, the lips. You know we want to provide a lot of options and an agency to the player to customize their character appearance.[84]Steven Sharif

角色外表 can be customized in the character creator (CC)[86] and via in-game salons/barbershops.[87][88]

We want there to be a lot of room for people to manifest their own identity, to role play how they want to from an appearance standpoint. There's going to be parameters within which you will be able to customize a character. We want the culture and the identity of the races to exist in a range that makes them easily identifiable from other players and other cultures. So, because of that, we have to have a spectrum you can exist on. There will be a lot of hair variants you can do, body art tattoos that you can apply. You'll be able to play with the scales of the facial structure, the bones, the height, width, the body fat percentage. You'll be able to add body hair on different parts of the body. If you want to have hair on your feet, you can dial that up.[89]Steven Sharif
  • 角色 models are focused on realism.[90]
  • A player will see a generic character before customization.[91]
  • Character designs will have influences from a wide range of cultures, such as European, African and Asian.[92]
  • Lolis will not be in the game.[93][94]
  • Sliders and other controls, such as color palettes, will offer flexibility in customization but there will be limits based on race, gender, and the artistic style guidelines that the developers are adhering to.[95][96][93][97][98]
There's going to be constraints to the sliders, so that was one of those big questions as work began on the character creator: How much agency do you want to allow pulling like the lower lip all the way down in this weird deformed look, or having like [an] offset cheek that's just asymmetrical to the side of the face. There's not going to be the ability or agency to create those types of weird character things. However you will have the ability to move, slide, change, grow, decrease all those components, but they'll be kept in a more reasonable and presented way in the same sense you won't be able to change the appearance of the dwarven, nor the Dünir or the Niküan races to, in my opinion, create what would be traditionally considered a Loli character.[93]Steven Sharif

Body appearance

Vaelune, Dünir and Empyrean Alpha-1 early character model 3D renders.[99]

So many options coming down the road. Our character team continues to refine our customization options![100]Steven Sharif

Head appearance

Alpha-2 character creator hair and beard customization (first pass).[111]

Every hair color uses the accent and the fill differently, but usually the fill is the root color and the accent is the tip color.[111]Zachary Mallet

Face appearance

Vek presets in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[118]

Heads will be relatively proportional to the body size, with some limited variability.[119]

Appearance details

A "default player appearance" may be automatically applied during sieges or other large scale battles to improve client-side performance.[125][126][127]


Scars in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[128]

The cool thing about this character creator is that it's not just intended for your character. It has application with NPCs that you might hire.[129]Steven Sharif

We're gonna use similar tech for implementing things like Animal husbandry.[130]Zachary Mallet

Kaelar Alpha-2 character creation (first pass).[131]

This tech is 100% created in-house at Intrepid and is not metahuman.[132]Steven Sharif

We'll be adding many, many more customization options to the character creator.[133]Cody Peterson

The character creator (or character customization system) allows players to define the look of their in-game characters, hired NPCs; and potentially creatures raised by the animal husbandry profession.[129][134]

The Ashes of Creation character creator is 100% developed in-house by Intrepid Studios and is not MetaHuman.[132]

Additional character creator features include.

  • There will be unlockable features for character customization.[87]
You have that scar because you participated in this siege, or these many sieges; or you have this tattoo because of your of a cultural background, or because of a quest that was accomplished where you're able to get that.[87]Steven Sharif
  • The ability to save and potentially to share characters with other players.[128][137]
The beauty of it is that you can save your character- and we already have some of those features available- and load them; and in the future we want people to be able to share those characters amongst each other.[128]Margaret Krohn
  • The ability to undo changes (Ctrl + Z) will be supported, including undoing changes that were made several edits earlier.[138][139]
  • Choosing base idle animations of characters will be possible in future.[140]
    • Certain animations, such as blinking, will be present when they don't interfere with the customization process.[141]
  • Adjusting the background scene and lighting is a planned feature.[141]
There's going to be a lot of environmental controls that are offered to the character creator so that people can set it up their scene the way they want to grab screenshots or to grab recordings or whatever they want to do.[142]Steven Sharif
  • Asymmetry in terms of manipulating different components of the body or different body features such as hair, beard, and eyes.[143]
Asymmetry is going to be functionality that's possible in manipulating either different components of the body or different features like hair. The beard we saw a little bit of that blending with highlights that you can do. Margaret talked a little bit about the eye asymmetry that you can include. Obviously those are going to exist within certain parameters that we want to define on a per-race basis, but it is something that we think is cool.[143]Steven Sharif
  • Body adornments, such as piercings will be possible within cultural limits.[144]
  • The developers are considering whether to allow custom tattoos to be uploaded by users.[145]

The aim is for the character creator to be on par if not much better than that of BDO.[108][146]

Character sheet


每個角色都將有一個獨自的主頁,玩家將可以隨心所慾設計展示不同資料。這將是遊戲外一個角色扮演的小要素,讓你可以建立角色背景、人格特質之類。[22]Steven Sharif


我們對於角色頁面的願望之一是希望能透過遊戲內的瀏覽器打開頁面,讓玩家可以查閱其他角色的日誌,了解他們的背景歷史,而這些都是玩家自行決定與他人分享與否的。從角色扮演的角度來說,我們希望玩家投入沈浸於自己的角色。[21]Steven Sharif



There is a marriage mechanic in Ashes of Creation, including same-sex marriages.[148]

You might have a NPC that is specifically a RP event NPC. This is a person who marries you and you come up to them and they have a quest that relates to finding the cosmetic attire for the wedding; and once you have that achieved you must find a Best man or Maid of honor- these are systems that can be created around immersion in the game.[3]Steven Sharif

Marriage may unlock different activities that are not available to characters who are not married.[151]

There are not plans for gender neutral neutral pronouns. However our marriage system which will be present does not take into account gender. So two individuals of any sex will be able to utilize the marriage system and we feel that that's pretty important to really reflect the nature the cultures in Ashes of Creation: That it does not have that conflict present in this fantasy world that we may have experienced in the past in our real world; and that's a good place both from a sanctuary standpoint through people who are maybe experiencing that in the real world to kind of get away from it in the fantasy world: We wanted to provide that type of outlet.[152]Steven Sharif


Families are a means to relate up to nine characters.[153][154][148]

There are costs associated with family creation and maintenance.[150]

  • Some costs are shared among the family members and other costs are specific to the family head.[150]}


Alpha-2 early preview of the story arc UI.[155]

Story arcs are like a pre-packaged tabletop campaign. They contain all of the NPCs and quests and monsters- all the things you need to make a cool fantasy story. They're not procedurally generated... We write all the dialogue and we construct all the narrative beats and everything like that, but they will enter the world dynamically depending on the state that the world is currently in; how players have built up specific nodes, what races control various nodes. We have plans to include lots of different things on top of that, but we don't have any quest hubs or anything like that in this game, because players build up all the cities. So we had to get a system that looks at what players are doing and can inject content into the world that makes sense for what they're doing.[156]Skott B

The Blood Still Due story arc unlocking at The Tower of Carphin.[157]

When story arcs come online, they change a lot the environment. They update what monsters are in the world. They create quest NPCs... and then new Pathways can open up through the environment.[158]Skott B

故事線 are unlocked by multiple types of player activity within each server.[159][157][156][160]

Every stage a node develops it's unlocking narratives, storylines, it's changing the spawn population of the area around it, changing what bosses exist, it's triggering events where you may have legendary dragons attack the city. It's basically writing the story of the server based on the actions and determination of the players. So, you may experience a dungeon one month earlier and have a completely different story that relates to this location the next month, because something has changed either geopolitically or from the node standpoint.[160]Steven Sharif
Even player driven mechanics will still have story components. There will be a reason why the player driven mechanic is available or required of the player; so you know every system that's created touches a story.[168]Steven Sharif
  • If there are too many other major arcs happening at the same time in the same zone, a story arc may need to wait its turn, even if conditions are right for it to be unlocked.[159]
  • Story arcs can branch into different stories with multiple possible endings depending on the quest objectives that players complete during each chapter.[170][171]
    • The developers with try to ensure that story arcs in future expansions flow on from existing story arcs, regardless of the different possible outcomes.[170]
  • There will be a variety of different types of story arc content at different scales, with different cooldowns to suit different types of players in the game.[172]
We must provide enough of this content at varying scales such that it isn't worthwhile or economical to control every single story arc in the world. Some will be smaller in scale and production value, and thus, will move faster and have shorter cooldowns before they're reintroduced.[172]Skott B

Certain story arcs can be unlocked through the bulletin board system. Certain requirements would need to be met in order to access story arc quests.[173]


NPC languages

Languages in Ashes of Creation may refer to:



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  177. What languages will Ashes of Creation be in?