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创造的灰烬 will launch with the following server regions:[1][2]

Other server regions will be considered based on interest.[2]

At this stage we do not have numbers on how many different servers will exist for different regions. We've said in the past 8-10,000 concurrent users per server is what we'd like to aim for. Obviously, the number of servers that exist in a region are going to be dependent on the population that's playing.[8]Steven Sharif

There will not be region locking or IP blocking.[9][10]

I can confirm there will be no region locking.[9]Steven Sharif

No IP blocking.[10]Steven Sharif

Q: When you say you no region locking or IP blocking, does this refer to all regions or just only Europe, Russia or North America?
A: Currently that refers to regions that are territories under our license agreement with and, which is Europe and Russia as it relates to our North American servers as well. However, moving forward should we announce additional strategic partners for foreign territories, it would be a red line for us as well not to allow for any region locking or IP blocking.[11]Steven Sharif


The world will be the same on each server, but 节点 will develop differently. Different servers will have different narratives. Things that happen on one server may not happen on another.[12]

There will be a multitude of servers located throughout the various regions of the world.[14]

  • Post launch, users will be able to select their server by the ping or the region that's notated next to the server.[14]
  • Ashes of Creation Apocalypse server selection is driven by the party leader. Whatever region they have selected will apply to their friends and squad.[14]

We'll have a multitude of servers located throughout to the various regions of the world; and those servers will be good connection points for- and will be driven by- I mean there's two types of servers I'm sorry: For the alpha-1 arena those will be driven by the party leader right; and wherever whatever region they have selected if they invite friends to their squad or whatever, they'll be able to play on that region. With regards to live launch when the server's go live, you'll be selecting a server to play on; and that will be your character's home; and that server you'll be aware of where that server is located usually by either a ping or a region that's notated on next to the server.[14]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse servers

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse server selection is driven by the party leader. Whatever region that is selected will apply to their friends and squad.[14][15]

  • North American (East).[15]
  • European (Central).[15]
  • South East Asian (Singapore).[15]

For this play test, no matter where you download and play from, you will be able to queue up and play with your friends from around the world.[15]

Alpha-1 servers

Alpha-1 servers will be provisioned in the following regions.[16]

Alpha-1 servers will support 1,500 concurrent users.[19]

Server transfers

Server transfers will not be possible initially. The developers intend to assess the impact on housing and other systems closer to launch.[20]


创造的灰烬 will be initially available in English, French, German, and Russian.[21][22]

  • Italian, Polish and Spanish localization will then be added.[22]
  • Other languages are being considered.[21]

Servers won't be language locked.[23]

  • There may be separate servers in the EU region based on language type.[22]

There's localization that will be present in the German and French Russian languages to start; and then we intend to also localize in Italian, Polish and Spanish. So servers will be allocated within the region as being one of those language type servers. So it's not going to be per country per se as it might be per language.[22]Steven Sharif

Efforts will be made to translate 创造的灰烬 into multiple languages.[23][24]


无畏工作室 will self-publish 创造的灰烬 in the NA (North American) region.[26]

Intrepid Studios will be self-publishing in North America.[26]Steven Sharif

mailrulogo.png ( will publish 创造的灰烬 in the EU (European Union), RU (Russia) and CIS regions.[27]

Intrepid will maintain 100% creative control over Ashes and our partners and shares our vision for Ashes, as this was very important to us. This means our stance on p2w for the game. This partnership allows us as a Studios to focus on the development of the game and allows us to feel comfortable with the level of service that we know and can provide our glorious community.[28]Steven Sharif

Today I have confirmed business model will be subscription with no box cost, cosmetic only marketplace (will match NA).[29]Steven Sharif

There is no current publisher for the OCE (Oceanic) and SEA (Southeast Asia) regions. It is likely that 无畏工作室 will self-publish in OCE.[30]

We do not have a publisher in mind for Oceanic and Southeast region of Asia so we will likely be self-publishing in OCE.[30]Steven Sharif


The 创造的灰烬 MMORPG will not be published on the Steam platform.[31]


It will be possible to register with Intrepid, in order to play on NA servers. In which case, your account and billing info would be handled solely by Intrepid. will be responsible, with collaboration from Intrepid, for EU accounts and servers.[33]Steven Sharif

Q: So to play on EU you would need a EU account via mycom?
A: Correct.[34]Steven Sharif
Q: Can you inform us about payments done by EU. Will they be to or to IS?
A: Depends where the player creates their accounts, you will be able to choose Intrepid or[35]Steven Sharif

Account transfers

Players may migrate their account between publishers. The following information is subject to change.[36][37]

  • Players with Kickstarter or 夏季众筹 packages can migrate that package to[37]
  • Purchased cosmetics such as skins will migrate along with the account except for any region-specific purchases or event rewards.[36]
  • 项目 earned in-game and achievements are not migrated.[36]
  • Characters are likely not included in migration between publishers.[36]
  • Migration will not remove the original account, however all purchased items and backer rewards, such as the lifetime subscription, will be transferred.[36]
  • Users who wish to progress in different regions can opt to have two (or more) accounts.[36]
  • There may be a restriction on the number of migrations that can be done for an account.[36]

A player may choose to migrate their account of from to Intrepid Studios, should they wish. Additionally, if they own a package from either Kickstarter or from the Summer backers, they can migrate that package over to the registration as well.[37]Steven Sharif

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