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Pre-alpha tavern.[1]

Inns and taverns dot the rural lands of Verra, and serve as crucial waypoints between destinations. However, one tavern has a unique patron that not many would expect. A man by the name of Fent is the owner of the quaint establishment, and upon entering, patrons may notice a large furry mass in the corner. Closer inspection reveals it to be no less than a fully grown bear, complete with his own bear sized flagon of mead.[2]


Taverns are a type of building that can be placed in 节点 or on 不动产.[4]

Many adventures begin in a humble tavern. I’m sure many of you have memories from pen and paper adventures that begin in a small town, with a small town tavern and small town problems. Over time, it becomes a headquarters. You go there to rest, to eat, to hear gossip and meet friends. It’s a home away from home and your connection to the world when you’re not on a quest.[4]

Tavern progression

Taverns provide tiered services.[6]

  • 任务 that might only be gathered from the player-owned taverns.
  • Meals that grant buffs for a period of time after a player leaves.
  • Recipes that could potentially be sold to cooking professions, that may only be obtained from a player-owned business in a certain area.

The longer the tavern is in business and the more patrons served, the faster the tavern will level up.[6]

Player owned businesses

Shop sign concept art.[7]

Our business owner system... grants players a meaningful existence in the world and rewards them for their persistence, dedication and survivability.[6]Steven Sharif

Business chains

There's no reason why you couldn't license your name to somebody else who also has a freehold and who also has an Inn and work together.[8]Jeffrey Bard

Tavern consumables

Players will be able to buy food and drink from a Tavern, some of which will be supplied by the tavern owner or other patrons that they get their menu from. These consumables will offer tangible benefits to players that stay within a certain proximity of the tavern itself.[4]

Characters will have some agency over what consumables are available in taverns. This could be tied to supply quests or available resources within the region.[9]

Characters will have a defined region of agency over what is available in the different taverns, whether they be taverns located within the city or taverns located on a freehold; and those could be tied to supply quests that are then done by the players. They could also be regionally determined by availability of resources.[10]Steven Sharif

If you're a tavern over on the western side you might have different grains, spices and mead there; and over on the other side of the world there might be taverns with completely different things.[10]Jeffrey Bard

Tavern NPCs

Player owned taverns on freeholds will be able to utilize NPC bartenders to distribute drinks that have been made for that tavern.[11]

Tavern communications

Taverns offer private chat and voice communications for all patrons within the building.[4]

Tavern music

Music within taverns can be set by players.[4]

Tavern rooms

Owners of taverns are able to rent out rooms. The quantity and quality of rooms scales with the level of the tavern.[4]


客厅游戏 are games that are played in player-built taverns or in-node taverns.[12]. Some will be dice games, others will be card games; and some will be less savory.[13]

  • These games will involve aspects of both chance and skill.[13]
  • They must be played between 2 or more people.[13]
  • Players will be able to wager in-game currency against other players.[13]
  • A portion of the income from the game goes to the tavern owner or node.[12][13]
  • Parlor games will vary based on the predominant race of a node.[13][14]

客厅游戏 were a Kickstarter stretch goal.[15]

Bulletin boards

Bulletin boards are available within nodes[17] and player taverns.[4]

Tavern security

It is unlikely that there will be mechanisms to kick or ban people from player-owned taverns.[22]

There are plenty of mechanics for you to exercise your dislike of another player especially through PvP and we don't want to hard code in divisive systems, such as either excluding movement of a player character into a certain area, such as your Tavern; or banning somebody through that method.[22]Steven Sharif

Mobile interface

There may be a mobile application that allows players to interact with parlor games (tavern games).[23]

Rested experience

Taverns offer rested experience (rested XP) for those who rent rooms or spend time as patrons of the tavern.[4]

  • Rested experience allows players to gain experience at a faster rate for a period of time.

Bounty hunter maps

Players with a high enough corruption score will be visible on the world and mini maps. These players will have markers posted on the map by an NPC from a Military node of at least stage 4 (Town), and will only be granted to players who have the Bounty hunter title.[24] The accuracy of bounty hunter maps is determined by a player's progression in the bounty hunter system.[25]

Taverns are one of the locations that bounties will be posted. As players gain corruption, taverns may offer bounties to eliminate those players; or have a specific area cleared of problem players, thus giving a POI (point of interest) on the world map.[4]

Battle maps

Battle maps allow players to strategize, gain bonuses on planned attacks, and see the blueprints of attackable points. Whether attacking a node or castle, players will be able to discern defenses, analyze possible weak points and gain tactical advantages before the battle begins.[4]

  • Battle maps might not fit into lower level or smaller sized taverns.
  • Battle maps are not currently on the official roadmap for launch.[26]


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