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Swords are a type of one-handed and two-handed melee weapon in Ashes of Creation.[2]

Types of swords

List of swords

info-orange.png本节包含来自 Alpha-1 测试的信息。当有新信息可用时,它将被更新。
Item Icon Source Rarity Level requirement Set
Chipped Greatsword GreatswordIcon.png Vendor Poor 2 Chipped
Crystalized Blood Sword CrystalizedBloodSwordIcon.png Crafted items Rare Crystalized Blood
Eldritch Executioner GreatswordIcon.png Crafted items Epic 15 Eldritch
Glacius OneHandedSwordIcon.png Crafted items Epic 15
Greatblade GreatbladeIcon.png [[]] Common
Greatsword of Briarhome Crafted items Briarhome
Iron Longsword GreatswordIcon.png Crafted items, Quest rewards Common 1 Iron
Lava Forged One-Handed Sword d8097cb1-34c8-4312-933f-3040305645b6-0.png Quest rewards Rare 12 Lava Forged
Nightblade Heroic Nightblade Icon.png Crafted items Heroic
Sharpened Greatsword SharpenedGreatswordIcon.png Crafted items Rare Sharpened
Sharpened One-Handed Sword 77226313-9678-43f1-8fd8-e298344dfcaa-0.png Quest rewards Uncommon 5
Silver Guardian OneHandedSwordIcon.png [[]] Rare 10
Sword of Briarhome RareSwordIcon.png Drop Rare Briarhome

Sword cosmetics

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