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Alpha-1 早期概念角色介面[1]


數值 基礎數值 等級 1 牧師 等級 1 法師 等級 1 坦克
生命力[4][5] 生命力 224
法力[4] 法力 293
力量[4][2][3] 力量 10
敏捷[4][2][3] 敏捷 10
體質[4][2][3] 體質 10
意志[4] 意志 12
智慧[4][2][3] 智慧 14
精神[4][2][3] 精神 13
追加物理傷害[4] 力量 13
物理失效修正[4] 力量 12
追加物理爆擊傷害[4] 力量 12
物理技能冷卻.[4] 敏捷 6
追加物理爆擊率.[4] 敏捷 6
追加物理閃避.[4] 敏捷 7
物理命中.[4] 敏捷 192
生命力恢復.[4] 體質 3
物理防禦.[4] 體質 7
物理失效防禦 體質 7
物理格擋率.[2][3][6] 體質 17
法術傷害.[2][3] 意志 24
法術爆擊傷害 意志 23
法術失效率 意志 13
法術施放速度 智慧 6
法術冷卻修正 智慧 7
法術爆擊率[6] 智慧 7
法術命中 智慧 8
法力恢復 精神 3
法術防禦 精神 8
法術失效防禦 精神 8
法術格檔率[2][3][6] 精神 18


Most stats are contested, which means you're kind of testing your rating versus other people's ratings. So you kind of figure out what the end result is... but we're not going to go for like hard caps for sure.[7]Jeffrey Bard



Stat growth proceeds in the following order:[8]

  1. The race "seeds" a player's base stats.[8]
  2. The primary archetype grows the base stats.[8]
  3. The secondary archetype (class) does not contribute to stat growth.[9] This is a revision of an earlier statement.[8]

Different races have different stat compositions. Those stats can be important, but we also don't want them to dictate any kind of meta for what classes are best used with different races.[10]Steven Sharif

Choice of profession does not affect a player's stats.[11]

裝備 has approximately a 40-50% influence on a players overall power in the game.[12]

Stat adjustment (via the Tattoo system)

Tattoos in the Alpha-2 character creator (first pass).[13]

As of right now definitively there is going to be a tattooed system which will allow certain slots for you to apply stat migration, but it's a give-and-take relationship. There will be higher quality magical tattoos that can be applied to the character in order to adjust stats.[14]Steven Sharif

Tattoos in Ashes of Creation refers to.

  • 時裝道具 that allow players to customize their character in-game.[17]
    • These might be "sleeves" applied to different parts of the body.[18]
    • It may also be possible to create whole body sleeves.[18]
  • Tattoos that can be applied to a character to adjust their stats.[14][19]
    • These will have slots to allow stats to be migrated with a give-and-take relationship.[14]
    • Higher quality magical tattoos can be applied to adjust stats.[14]
      • They may also provide stat augments or other boosts.[19]

Tattoos can be removed.[19]

Stats on gear

Crafters will be able to assign different skills/abilities and stats on gear.[20][21]

Crafters will be able to 'rejigger' stat blocks; and there will be a couple of other ways to move things around to create both the look and the stat block that you're looking for. It's not always going to be easy. There will be a lot of challenges involved with that. But the goal is to give you guys the option to customize your gear the way you want them to be.[20]Jeffrey Bard

Not all armor sets will be the cookie cutter kind of set. They will have the influences from the crafter available in it, if it's a crafted set.[21]Steven Sharif

Gear is broken down into Core Stats and Additional Stats.[25]

Gear progression

In-game achievable sword and polearm 3D renders.[26]

Power creep is a balance issue... When it comes to gear progression specifically, the idea is to create an open market that is not heavily dependent on soulbound items; and having many item sinks and gold sinks within that economy that allows for the potential degradation and loss of assets within that closed economy; and not introduce items from the market that companies put in from a pay-to-win perspective or from a pay-to-convenience perspective that undermines the economy that players have built. That is a huge mistake that companies have made in the past and that lends to the imbalancing of what designers maybe have actually balanced well.[27]Steven Sharif

武器 have their own progression paths.[28][29]

Q: Are weapons balanced towards a proficiency system (i.e. the longer I use a sword, the better my damage will be), or will it be a normal RPG stat system with no long-term scaling?
A: We will not be using a proficiency system as described, but players will have passives available in their skill tree that will increase effectiveness of certain weapons. Becoming a master of swords will be something that is possible, just not in that particular manner.[37]Sarah Flanagan

Ashes of Creation is all about providing many progression paths... The reason why we don't like the term endgame is because with the amount of progression that's available with the amount of diversity and player agency that impacts the world... We kind of want the weapon system [to] add an element of that as well... You can determine special effects that proc from currently the combo system; you can determine ancillary effects that proc based on enchantment types; you can power stone weapons to add different either elemental types of damage and/or energy that kind of play rock-paper-scissor with player defenses ... and then you can skill tree out how those effects that are granted ... you can make them better you can branch them off into a different direction.[38]Steven Sharif

Gear enhancement

Gear enhancements (power stones/runes) can be applied to weapons to add elemental or energy types of damage.[38][40]

We are very likely going to have a rune system and then we'll have the ability to sort of enchant weapons outside of that too... That's not always going to be like a vertical progression... Some of it's going to be giving up something to get something else; so maybe I do less physical damage but more magical damage, that kind of thing.[40]Jeffrey Bard

It's not as though you're going to necessarily acquire these once and then you're set for your PvP enchantments, but instead you'll have to continually perform month after month in order to keep having those slotted enchantments.[42]Steven Sharif


Enchanting is not an artisan profession in its own right. Scribes create scrolls that can be utilized by different professions to create enchantments relating to that profession.[44][45]

You don't really push a particular item's level requirement or the identity of that item. You can enhance it, you can add enchantments to it, but it's still the item it is.[41]Steven Sharif


The developers intend to limit power creep via item sinks, the lack of gear binding, and the absence of pay-to-win or pay-to-convenience in Ashes of Creation.[27]


生命力Ashes of Creation 的一項數值[48][5]

With regards to seeing another player's health: As you know their name plate will deteriorate or give you an indication of like hey they've taken damage they're significantly injured, but you're not going to get a percentage. You're not gonna get an exact bar value, unless you're in their party or in their raid.[5]Steven Sharif


Resting and mana regeneration.[51]

As you know, a classic MMO thing to do is to sit and rest as you get your resources back.[52]Steven Sharif

法力 is a stat in Ashes of Creation.[25]

  • Mana is a universal energy and keeps corresponding stats for mana pool, consumption and regeneration relevant.[53]
  • All archetypes will use mana, some more intense than others.[53]
  • Even pure melee players will use mana to manipulate The Essence for their extraordinary abilities.[54]
  • Sitting may increase mana regeneration (while out of combat).[52][55]


There won't be any damage dampening due to differences in levels in either PvP or PvE.[56]

Damage numbers will not be so large as to be meaningless.[57]

We don't see the need to have these enormous numbers that are really start to lose meaning. That seems to be an innate design issue with other games as they try to balance the damage output in PvP and in PvE; but our design system allows for a more manageable damage protocol for PvE and PvP to be shared; and those damage protocols relate more to lower numbers.[57]Steven Sharif

Death by falling is possible.[58]

  • Fall damage that occurs while mounted will be first applied to the mount; and if the mount dies as a result, then the remaining damage may overflow onto the player, but this will be determined based on testing.[58]


Different damage types are mitigated by the defensive stats (resistances) on different types of armor.[59]

Certain damage types will be strong or weak against certain enemy types. So you'll have to be somewhat smart about who you're bringing where, or what kind of abilities or specs. Obviously, you'll be able to do the content, but you'll have an easier time with certain contents if you're using a certain spec over others.[60]Tradd Thompson
  • Magic damage is mitigated by cloth armor (light armor).[59]
  • Physical damage is mitigated by plate armor (heavy armor).[59]
  • There will be resistances to elemental damage.[61][62][63]
  • Holy/radiant damage are modifying energy types that have corresponding synergies and resistances.[60][64]
  • There is also non-mitigated damage.[59]
  • Monsters will have certain types of resistances based on its type.[65][66]
    Not every monster is going to have unique resistances. They'll share groups of types of resistances based on whether that monster is a particular elemental affinity or a particular heavy armor, particular weapon type, you know stuff like that. So there will be resistances groups that are shared by certain types of monsters and their location and as it relates to their lower background and stuff like that.[66]Steven Sharif
  • Players will be able to counter resistances with resistance penetration stats.[66]


We like to really refer to ourselves as a PvX game, because in those systems of PvP, PvE, crafting they're all intertwined: They're interdependent on each other... Our system of development really requires some interdependence there between those things. You're going to need a crafter to give you the best items. You're going to need PvPers to secure cities and castles. You're gonna need PvErs to take down those world bosses for those materials to craft.[67]Steven Sharif

Ashes is a comprehensive game. It is not a PvP focused or a PvE focused, it is a comprehensive PvX game and as a result these systems are all interconnected and have to coexist with one another with certain types of mechanisms that can provide that give and take, that push and shove.[68]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation 是一款 PvX 遊戲。 PvPPvE 的要素都會自然接觸得到,[68][69][70] 而玩家將不太可能「純玩」PvPPvE[70]

我們有很清晰的目標和理念,也明白不會得到所有人的歡心。然而 PvE 和 PvP 內容相輛相成,它們都是玩家投放時間成長發展的方向,也讓玩家重視隨之而來的得失,從而誘發玩家的感情,而這樣的元素正是由 PvP 帶來的。因此我們很清楚我們的目標就是:風險與回報的關係、以及追求成就的思維。不會每個人都是贏家,而這是沒問題的。[74]Steven Sharif



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