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Cinderhorn Steer pre-order pack cosmetic mount skin.[1]

Providing these limited options that collectors out there like when it comes to achieving and/or purchasing cosmetics. It means something I think when players make that decision to purchase or they go through the rigorous portion of achieving those things in game that it is not just everywhere around them and becomes meaningless at that point.[2]Steven Sharif

Accessories/armor, Buildings, 商隊, 坐騎, Pets, and 船舶 sold in the cosmetic store are skins.[3][4][5]

  • Skins are only be able to be applied to things that have already been earned, crafted or found within Ashes of Creation.[7][8]
    • Certain skins require specific items or item tiers have been achieved in-game before they can be used.[9][10][7][11][12]
Owning cosmetics does not guarantee the acquisition of the item the cosmetic can be used on. Players must still achieve the corresponding item/building.[7]Steven Sharif
  • The lore on store cosmetics is flavor text.[6]
  • The best skins will be in-game achievable.[15]
The best skins will be in-game achievable (obviously “best” is subjective, so I’d say the most ornate and detailed/unique).[15]Steven Sharif


Rime and Regal‎ pre-order pack cosmetics.[6]

We are very transparent in the business model of subscription with cosmetic only marketplace... I respect and understand the opinion of rather having a box price in-place of cosmetics, but that is not the direction I’ve decided to take. After weighing the benefits to the game and its population, I believe a lower barrier to entry is healthier in the long run, and the steady content release and quality of the product will sustain the retention for subscription and in-turn provide a healthier content release strategy for Ashes.[16]Steven Sharif

時裝 provide a wide array of customization in Ashes of Creation.[17]

All skin cosmetic items are cosmetic items only and do not grant the user any other benefit. The lore text is flavor text, and background of the creatures and items in the world of Verra.[6]
  • Equitable cosmetics, both from a quantity and quality standpoint, are achievable through in-game means.[19] Cosmetics achievable in-game will be on-par, and in the case of legendary skins, even more elaborate than shop items.[20][21][16]
I want to make sure that equitable cosmetics both from a quantity and quality standpoint are achievable through in-game achievements. Time, effort should let you be happy with what you can accomplish.[19]Steven Sharif
In my opinion quality of cash shop cosmetics should be equal to in game achievable cosmetics, but offer a diverse selection of unique looks.[22]Steven Sharif
The most grand looking cosmetics will be from in-game achievment only.[23]Steven Sharif
From an armor standpoint, we cut armor sets up into many different pieces. These pieces can sometimes be used as part of other sets, that may include helmets, wrists, gloves etc. So while you will not see an achievable white version of the corvid castigator set in the game for example, you may see its shoulder piece used in another set, or its leggings, or wrist piece used in another set (not every piece as to form the whole set, but perhaps a couple pieces). This would be difficult to notice at first glance, due to the material, texture and color variation used, but this modular approach to content creation makes achieving a wide variety of looks achievable for an MMORPG of our size.[20]Steven Sharif
  • Different variants of store purchased cosmetic creatures (Pets and 坐騎) may exist in the wild.[25][26]
While the exact same skin will not be available again in the future once it's gone from the Shop, these skins are all variants of creatures that you can expect to see across Verra - so perhaps you will find one with a similar style in-game![25]Sarah Flanagan
  • 時裝 can be used by all races but there may be slight variations to make them work with the body builds of each race.[27][28]
  • There will not be mascot looking/furry cosmetics.[29]
It's important to remember, Ashes is a NO-BOX COST subscription only game, with an optional cosmetic marketplace. This achieves a few things from a monetization model. Having a lower barrier to entry for players to try the game when they don't have to fork out $60 for the box price is good, our box price is 0$. This also places an emphasis on the game's retention and our continual updates and content creation to keep players playing and staying subscribed (a put your money where your mouth is sort of philosophy for us as a company). It also means players don't have to spend $60 every time there is an expansion.[20]Steven Sharif
Is there an answer that satisfies everyone? Nope. And that's ok. We are open and transparent with our philosophies and business model. You know what you are getting with Ashes and to me, given my experiences in other games, it is a nice breath of fresh air.[20]Steven Sharif
I know there have been quite a few questions regarding cosmetics over the years. As we get further along in development, we'll be providing more specific information regarding what specific buildings, items, etc., you can place each cosmetic on. We'll update this for all past items.[30]Margaret Krohn


Ashes of Creation will have a higher graphical fidelity than most western games. It will not be too stylized or "cartoony".[33]

We can push the limits a little bit on the graphical fidelity, especially using Unreal Engine 4... My desire was not to see very cartoony games. I'm not a big fan of highly stylized art.[33]Steven Sharif
It's not to say that people can't do steampunk well. I've enjoyed some steampunk stuff. I'm a very high fantasy oriented type of storyteller; and the inspiration for Ashes obviously comes from my pathfinder campaigns that I ran long ago; and those are always set in a high fantasy world. So it just compromises what I believe is the perspective of the storytelling in the environment.[34]Steven Sharif


Some cosmetics can be obtained in-game:[35]

成就 may unlock some cosmetics.[35]

Not all cosmetics are obtainable through in-game means. These will be purchasable through the cosmetic store.[35]

Cash shop cosmetics will be limited in quantity, limited in time for purchase. They will be unique, but you will also have extremely difficult to gain cosmetics in game as well as unique cosmetics that look great and better... There will be a lot of cosmetics that are achievable in the game because that is a very fun aspect of MMO play.[36]Steven Sharif


Ashes of Creation cosmetic store.[37]

There is going to be legendary cosmetics that can be earned and achieved in the game through the game systems, but that's going to take a significant amount of effort and work; and those cosmetics are going to be on-par with the cosmetics offered in the marketplace... What that does is it provides additional revenue to the company so that we can continue to fund the development of content as well and bridge the divide that not having a box cost would have and not having any pay-to-win mechanics whatsoever.[21]Steven Sharif

The 時裝商城 enables players to purchase 時裝 for use in Ashes of Creation.[35] The cosmetic store offers limited time, limited quantity items to help sustain game development.[19]

  • Equitable cosmetics, both from a quantity and quality standpoint, are achievable through in-game means.[19]
  • Nothing in the cosmetic store will be pay to win.[18]

Nothing in our shop will ever be pay to win as we believe this practice greatly hurts the MMORPG genre.[18]

  • Cash shop cosmetics will offer a diverse selection of unique looks.[22]

I want to incentivize purchase in the cosmetic shop for sustainability of what expansions we have intended, since we are not a box cost. I want to incentivize purchase by offering limited items: limited time, limited quantity, so you have confidence that when you purchase them, they won't be offered later on in some other way.[19]Steven Sharif

  • All cosmetic store items will be non-tradeable.[32] There will be no gifting mechanism for cosmetic items.[38]

I don't want cosmetic items that can be purchased from the market to be transferable... because it is in a way a transfer of money for potentially something in-game.[38]Steven Sharif


Seers of the Blackroot pre-order packs.[39]

Once a small band of heretical shamans driven from their home settlement after a spate of kidnappings, the Seers of the Blackroot have since been continuing their bloody practice among the gnarled trunks and groves of the deep forests. Living in relative secrecy, they have slowly regained their strength and shall one day pour forth from the woods like ravenous rodents, seeking to sacrifice any and all to sate the dark forces they worship.[39]


時裝給希望提早支持我們的玩家購買。 我認為喜歡收藏的玩家會重視限定的物品。MMO 玩家知道購買的時裝是稀有且不是每個人都能擁有的時候,才會有滿足感。另外,這些時裝也會有所變更,以不同顏色或質地應用於世界各地的 NPC,令推出時裝的同時,配合我們的開發進度。這些禮包好的地方是沒有「Pay to Win」元素,而遊戲也沒有售價,所以基本上你不需要為了在遊戲推出時獲取優勢而購買禮包。遊戲內也會有同樣甚至主觀上更漂亮的時裝供玩家獲取。[24]Steven Sharif


All cosmetic store items will be non-tradeable.[32]

Pay to win

Ashes of Creation will not be pay to win.[2][21][41]

Ashes of Creation will not be pay to win, that is our pledge to the community. One of the core principles we set forth with Ashes of Creation is a very strong desire to maintain the game's even playing field.[41]

A lot of developers and companies have come along in the past- and I've been hit by this too- and they've said we're not going to have pay-to-win and then boom they roll out some pay-to-win. We have consistently said we won't be pay-to-win and in the pre-orders that we provide and even in the Kickstarter there were absolutely zero pay-to-win components whatsoever. So not only will we talk the talk but we will walk the walk as well.[21]Steven Sharif

Because we are a non-box purchase game, meaning there is no box price to play Ashes of Creation, it is only a subscription; and that's beneficial because it reduces the barrier of entry and we want a high population obviously; but at the same time one of the ways we augment the revenue flows to sustain constant updates and new chapter releases and additional content within the game is through a cosmetic-only marketplace; and that means absolutely no pay-to-win whatsoever; and that will be adhered to forever.[2]Steven Sharif

库存 slots, 隨機性 loot boxes and XP potions are considered pay-to-win.[42][43][44][45]

We will not use a loot box system for cosmetics either. We currently have a cosmetic store that offers limited time, limited quantity items to help sustain game development. These items are purely decorative and do not offer any in-game benefits.[42]

My definition of pay-to-win is really anything that affects the in-game economy, the in-game action pool, your abilities and/or skills... In my opinion the inventory slots and the XP potions would be considered pay-to-win.[44]Steven Sharif

Q: Will there be RNG boxes?
A: I dislike RNG. Archeage made me loath rng monetization gimmicks.[45]Steven Sharif


创世灰烬 网站设计预览 (WIP).[49]



Racial skins

Racial skins enable a player to change their character's racial appearance.[54][55]

  • Racial skins transform the race of the character to that skin. The original racial appearance of the character is entirely replaced.[56]
  • Racial skins can be toggled on and off.[55]

You're changing your race over to that, which means that you won't look uniquely different if you were a Vek angel or a Human angel.[56]Steven Sharif

Racial skins are not costumes. This means that armor and character customization is possible on these.[57]

  • Skin color customization.[58]
  • Racial skins appear along with any costume appearances.[59]

There are plans to create other racial skins.[60]

  • Some potential future ideas include undead and werewolf (lycan) skins.[61]


Sunbeam's Remembrance medium homestead cosmetic freehold building skin.[62]

After you build your house, you can build other buildings on your Freehold. Each building needs the blueprint to start the process. If you have a cosmetic skin you want to use on a building, this is used after placing the blueprint. Once this has been placed, the building will be shown in a non-functional, construction state. Players will need to provide the required materials needed to complete the building construction, for each building on their Freehold.[63]

個人土地房建築造型 were offered as Kickstarter and 夏季众筹 rewards and are currently available in pre-order packs.[64][65][66][67][68]

  • Freehold building skins can also be achieved in-game.[69]
  • Freehold building cosmetics cannot be sold or traded with other players.[70][64]
Cosmetics that we have sold as part of different packs throughout the past- our pre-order system: Those cosmetics are split into three primary categories: housing, artisanship, and business; and we will have a breakdown that we're going to be releasing of the cosmetics that have come previously and which categories they exist in, but players will have the option to override the appearance of a blueprint that exists within one of those categories with an associated cosmetic skin; and that is obviously not just something that can be purchased through the pre-order system, but also can be achieved in-game as well- our cosmetics that can be applied to specific building types. And we don't get as granular where, let's say, you might have a shrine cosmetic, and you have, let's say, a blacksmith building that you wouldn't be able to apply the shrine to the blacksmith building. If the shrine exists in the artisanship lane you can apply it to any artisanship type building, but not to a house or business. so giving a little bit of additional context there.[69]Steven Sharif
  • A planned feature may allow multiple buildings to be replaced by a single large cosmetic skin.[74]
Cosmetics that are are very large in size- we will have a system that's not been developed yet, but we've been planning for this: we'll have a system where multiple buildings can be occupied space-wise by the larger cosmetic. So, a cosmetic might replace the visual appearance of one particular building, but then you'll be able to have that footprint occupy multiple buildings to replace the visual appearance. So that way you're still utilizing the similar amount of space.[69]Steven Sharif

Homestead building skins

Cosmetic freehold building skins for homestead buildings.[63][69][71][64]

[ All homesteads ] [ Small homesteads ] [ Medium homesteads ] [ Large homesteads ]

Artisan building skins

Cosmetic freehold building skins for artisan buildings.[63][69][71][64]

  • These skins can be placed on any artisan building, regardless of type.[76][77]
  • Artisan cosmetic skins go on artisan buildings and not the individual profession stations themselves.[63]

Business building skins

Cosmetic freehold building skins for business buildings.[63][69][71][64]

  • These skins can be placed on any business building, regardless of type.[77]

Caravan skins

Caravan skins ("Pimp my caravan") are available in the cash shop (cosmetic store).[5]

  • The skin changes the appearance of an in-game mount and in-game caravan that are hooked up to each other.[13][14]
  • The caravan and mount components of the skin are not able to be utilized separately.[13][14]
  • Building, ship, caravan and mount cosmetics require an in-game item to be obtained first to apply the cosmetic.[12][10]

You'll need your own creature and caravan hooked up to each other, and then the caravan cosmetic skin goes over all of them to make it look like what's pictured. you're not able to split out separately that caravan mount skin, hence why you'd want the separate mount skin if you wanted to ride it independently.[13]Sarah Flanagan

Ship skins

Ship skins apply to certain ship types.[4]

Mount skins

Mount skins can be applied to the appearance of mounts that were earned in-game.[12][10][51][80] These are applicable to specific classes (tiers) of mounts.[8]

Acquiring achievements like t3 mounts or t2 mounts to use cosmetics on will require varying degrees of effort, skill and strategy. Once achieved players can use those cosmetics.[82]Steven Sharif

Land mounts

Gliding mounts

Flying mounts


Aquatic mounts

Crowdfunding mounts

Cosmetic pets

Cosmetic pets are available for purchase from the cosmetic store.[3]

  • Cosmetic pets can be summoned from level 1.[12]

Cosmetic pets, since non-functional from a gameplay perspective, can be summoned at lvl 1.[12]Steven Sharif

Guild hall skins

Guild hall skins were rewards in the Kickstarter and 夏季众筹 campaigns.[83][84]


Vestments of the Runecarvers pre-order pack cosmetic costume.[86]

The costume cosmetics that are included in each month's pre-order set are indeed a full piece, and when you put it on it will cover your entire appearance. You will not be able to mix and match/toggle those pieces individually (other than your helmet) when you're wearing the entire costume. This is partially why there is a separate category for accessories - those are able to be worn/equipped on a more individualized basis, so you can mix and match to your liking![87]Sarah Flanagan

Costumes are available for purchase from the cosmetic store.[66]

Full costumes do not mix and match pieces.[92]Steven Sharif

Accessory skins


Mount barding skins

Mount barding cosmetic reward for backing at the Leader of Men level.[97]

Mount barding (also referred to as Saddles) is armor for mounts in Ashes of Creation. Mount barding is similar in concept to player armor.[98]

  • The higher the level of barding, the better looking it will be.[98]
  • Barding will have multiple components that can be equipped. Each component will increase the stats of the mount, such as hit points and speed.[99][98]
  • Barding cosmetics can only be applied to mounts with barding cosmetic slots.[100]
  • Cosmetic skins may only be applied to barding/saddle items that are earned in-game.[101]
    • Barding skins can not be applied over a mount skin.[102]
    The mount skins are applied to the mount, and barding (think of it like an accessory appearance) can not be applied over the mount skin.[102]Cody Peterson
    • Barding skins' appearance may differ depending on the type of mount.[100]


Housing decorations are available for purchase from the cosmetic store.


Alpha-1 female plate armor 3D render.[103]

We want to be realistic with the application of particular types of armor, such as plate armor. In this regard for the different sexes there's a fine line that has to be drawn between accentuating the form of the sex as well as making it somewhat realistic and actually applicable to the environment.[103]Steven Sharif

Gear is intended to be realistic in appearance.[104][105]

  • There will not be "oversized" weapons.[106]
  • Armor will not be overly sexual in appearance.[105]
    I'm more of the mind that it wouldn't really serve a purpose to have bikini plate armor, just in like reality, if you're going to have armor, it should be protective. I think from a fashion statement is enjoyable for some people, but it's a an immersive issue.[104]Steven Sharif
    • Some armor and costumes will be more revealing than others, but there will not be nudity in the game.[107]
    There might be sliders, but there are not gonna be naked sliders.[107]Steven Sharif

装甲 will take on a racial appearance.[108] 武器 will scale in size based on race.[109]

Each race is getting its custom geo pieces, which then will share thematic components such as color palette, attachments, design filigree. Those types of things will get shared across the geo but generally you're going to see unique races with unique geo.[110]Steven Sharif

  • 時裝 can be used by all races but there may be slight variations to make them work with the body builds of each race.[27]

Players can change gear colors using dyes.[111][112]

Helmet display can be toggled on and off.[113]

  • Hair will likely be masked if helmet display is toggled on.[114]

Particle effects are used to denote the importance and rarity of some weapons.[115]

Crafters are able to influence what their crafted items will look like.[116][117]

武器 are able to be sheathed.[118][119]


裝備 will have appearance slots (Transmutation/Transmog/cosmetic slots) that are used to copy the appearance of an item (in some cases).[121][122]

  • There are rules when applying cosmetics to specific items, unlike costumes, which don't have level restrictions.[10]
  • Cosmetic slots can be toggled on or off on their character by the player.[123]
  • A "default player appearance" may be automatically applied during sieges or other large scale battles to improve client-side performance.[124][125]
Cosmetics, whether purchased from the shop or earned in game, are an important component of MMORPGS I personally enjoy; and there's a lot of collectors out there who spend a great deal of time either in-game achieving these things or spend money purchasing them from the cosmetic only marketplace; and we don't want to demean or reduce that achievement or that expenditure. So it's going to be situational where the default appearance will be applied and can be activated.[124]Steven Sharif



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